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Jargon buster #8: LTM

An LTM is something that didn't really exist up until a few years ago and the actual acronym "LTM" is something that has only sprung up within the past year or so. LTM stands for "Limited Time Gamemode" and is as simple as it sounds- it's a gamemode that is only available for a short … Continue reading Jargon buster #8: LTM

Jargon Buster #7: online competitive games and singleplayer games.

inspired by Kim's post over on later levels I've decided that for this jargon buster I'll be talking about the difference between an online competitive game and a non-competitive singleplayer game. An online competitive game is a game that you play online with other people and in which your main objective is to try to win. an … Continue reading Jargon Buster #7: online competitive games and singleplayer games.

2 great PS4 games you can pick up cheap right now.

Does your child own a PS4? Do they want some new games? Well, here's two games you can pick up really cheap on the PS+ store right now! 1.Star Wars Battlefront (2015) current PlayStation store price: £3.99 Despite having reviewed the sequel to this game, I haven't actually played the first game very much, and … Continue reading 2 great PS4 games you can pick up cheap right now.

Lego worlds

Game name: Lego worlds  Developer Tt games  Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch. Score 8/10 Age Rating 7+ Today I'm going to be talking about Lego worlds, a game that is among 67 other lego games in existence (since 1995), but what makes Lego worlds different, is that it … Continue reading Lego worlds

The final Fortnite post (It’s not)

Edit: I was tired when I wrote this. I ramble a bit. This is now my second post about Fortnite (not including my mum’s post about her opinions on Fortnite) and I plan this to be my last post about Fortnite because I’d much rather be writing about other things, but with the huge popularity … Continue reading The final Fortnite post (It’s not)